Employee Perception Survey

Ege Consulting conducts a study to analyze employees’ perceptions of occupational health and safety by taking into consideration the guidelines of the internationally accepted health and safety institutions in the workplace and using an external eye advantage.


About the perception analysis method

Through one-on-one interviews and surveys with employees, Ege Consulting raises questions and takes notes about health and safety conditions and practices in the workplace. Employee identification is not taken during interviews, only department, age and gender information is noted

The study is carried out to cover at least 25% of the field workers, but not less than 30 interviews / questionnaires.

The notes and questionnaires taken during the field work are compiled at Ege Consulting office. After the compilation and data entry studies, perception analyzes are put into the report and the study result report is prepared.

OHS perceptions working in the final report are evaluated under the following main headings;

· Field OHS management and applications

· Field OHS surveillance efficiency

· Occupational health and safety level of employees

· OHS trainings

· Barriers to OHS

· Accident / incident notification and reporting

The current situation for each topic is expressed by the achievement score and opinions, as well as the overall perception of OHS, opinion and overall score. The report also includes opinions and recommendations for improvement based on the measured level of perception.

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