Rigging – Lifting System Assessment

Duration of Assessment

2 or 3 days depending on workplace details

Scope of Audit

Ege Consulting focuses on the subprocesses for each step of the PDCA (Plan, Apply, Check, Take Precautionary) systematically handle crane lifting processes at work with its experts.

According to the systematic approach, although the PDCA steps are not limited to the following, they are evaluated in the following sub-details;

· Planning of crane lifting works

o Crane lifting procedures / instructions

o Risk assessment / AHA, JSA, STARRT studies

o Method statements

o Lifting plans

o Work permit systems

o Lifting equipment manufacturer manuals

o Lifting jobs task – responsibility assignments and work organization

o Employee competence requirements (Operator, signalman, rigger, supervisor)

o Lifting works training planning

o Purchase and acceptance criteria for lifting equipment and lifting equipment

· Application of hoisting works

o Field applications observations

o General condition of lifting equipment and lifting equipment

o Analysis of experience and competence of operator, rigger, signalman, supervisors (training, experience certification)

o Certification of lifting equipment

o Field supervision and guidance

· Control, inspection and monitoring of crane lifting works

o Incompatibilities and field observation records regarding lifting works

o Ongoing inspections specific to lifting operations

o Periodic inspections, maintenance, pre-use checks of lifting tools and equipment

o Effectiveness evaluations of the lifting works training received

o Feedback management

o Accident, cheap circumvention and non-compliance reports and root cause analysis studies for lifting works

o Communication and consultation with the manufacturer

· Improving the crane lifting process

o Corrective / preventive action assignments and follow-up

o Reviewing the planning processes

Based on the findings obtained in the field study, systematic gaps in the process of crane lifting are tried to be discovered.

In the ongoing field work, information is tried to be obtained about unwanted events that occurred in the facility and an opinion is created about the causes of these events.

The findings and systematic gaps discovered are presented to the client’s management to the extent that they can be prepared on the last day of the system audit.

Based on this system audit, development actions are determined by the client under the guidance of Ege Consulting and agreed in an action plan with these deadlines and those responsible.

Ege Consulting Consultant team, which will carry out the system audit, consists of 2 people. The consultants are experienced in industrial lifting operations and are trained in crane lifting work from internationally recognized authorities.

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