Safety Cultural Level Survey

Ege Consulting evaluates the occupational health and safety culture level, taking into account the guidelines of the internationally recognized health and safety institutions of the client and using an external eye advantage. The assessment includes sections on the analysis of the current situation and identifying areas of improvement.


The surveying tool

Ege Consulting cultural level testing tool examines the health and safety culture in a facility or workplace in the following 5 categories;

· Leadership and commitment: A survey that examines the commitment and commitment levels of managers and employees in the field of health and safety.

· Employee participation: This is a survey that examines the level of participation of employees in decision-making processes, practices and the consideration of employee opinions by the management

· Prioritizing health and safety: This is a survey to examine how much health and safety is prioritized over production, maintenance and other operational disciplines.

· Compliance: A survey that examines the extent to which compliance with legal, organizational procedures, and other requirements is achieved.

· Monitoring and measurement: It is a survey in which indicators and level of health and safety performance are measured.

· Organizational learning: It is a survey that examines how much lessons are learned from the experiences in the field of health and safety and how the lessons are shared with the employees.

The study starts with the work of Ege Consulting consultants gathering information in the workplace within the period determined according to the size of the workplace. When gathering information, the following ways are followed;

· Face-to-face interviews: Consultants take notes by conducting face-to-face interviews with workplace managers and employees.

· Document reviews: Consultants make documentary examinations in areas of health and safety in the workplace and take notes. Information is given before the field visit about what kind of documents will be examined.

· Field inspections: Consultants conduct visual inspections at the sites where the operation is ongoing. Takes photos and takes notes.

Following the fieldwork, Ege Consulting consultants compile the findings with the office work and prepare the final report.

In the current situation analysis, each category is graded as follows;

· A – Troubled; No problem unless caught

· B – Starting; Struggling if a problem arises

· C – Crawling; Striving for being forced

· D – Walking; Enjoying the effort

· E – Running; Making it the most important part of the business

The overall rating for the plant is then determined. At this stage, development routes are determined for each sub-category and recommendations are presented.

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