Renewable Energy Project Management

Wind Energy Project Management

We provide planning services of wind and solar fields from start to production with international project planning software. This service includes the following sub-details.

  • Creating the master plan
  • Resource assignments
  • Cost control
  • Equipment procurement and site delivery planning
  • Processing field, supplier and official organizations progress into the plan
  • Creating project progress reports on a weekly and monthly basis
  • Detection and reporting of project critical line and delayed activities

Logistics Management

Port Supervision

  • Supervision service during unloading of turbine and other equipment parts
  • Damage controls

Transport supervision

  • Damage checks and storage area selection services during delivery of turbine parts to the site 

Field Management Services 

Renewable energy project management services with our experienced team as the investor representative in all relevant processes from the beginning of the project to the commissioning process.

  • Subcontractor coordination
  • Assembly supervision
  • Regular field meetings and periodic reporting
  • Follow-up of commissioning and acceptance processes

Field OHS Processes Management 

  • Full-time OHS supervision
  • Periodic OHS audits
  • Field OHS performance measurements
  • Subcontractor OHS management
  • OHS training courses 

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