Rigger & Signalman Training


2 days * 7 hours


Target participant profile

Employees carrying out rigging and signalmen roles in the workplace




– To identify the dangers that may arise during crane lifting and to develop solutions to prevent such dangers.

– Having command of Turkish Legal and International requirements regarding lifting works

– To get information on the lifting tools and knowing the basic technical features

– To recognize the lifting equipment, to know its technical features and to be able to check whether the equipment is safe or not.

– Mastering the rigging methods and techniques

– It is aimed to know the communication techniques with the operator.



Day 1


Legal / International Requirements

Crane Lifting Operation Team and Responsibilities

Lifting Tools

Lifting Equipment

Rigging Techniques

Communication in Crane Lifting

Day 2

Practical Application

Evaluation and Closing


Performance criteria

– 100% participation requirement

– Active participation in classroom and field practices

– Evaluation exam

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