IOSH Fire Safety for Managers

IOSH Fire Safety for Managers


1 day * 7 hours

E-learning (LMS) is also available


About the course

A sustainable workplace fire safety culture is based on fire protection and positive attitudes, knowledge, perceptions and beliefs in this area. An important step in achieving such a culture is to involve managers, supervisors and team leaders.

Fire Safety for Managers provides managers and supervisors with the information and tools they need to solve fire safety problems in one day. Those who successfully complete this training, including case studies, to develop skills for fire safety, obtain a respectable certificate in this field.


Target profile

IOSH (UK) Fire Safety for Managers Training is a training program for people in the role of a manager or chief who require awareness of fire safety. 



· It is designed for managers and chiefs in any industry and any organization in the world.

· Provides the necessary information and tools to solve fire safety problems

· Provides a convenient and flexible training period for your job – (Training takes only one day).

· Fire safety fundamentals are handled with efficient and effective learning methods.


What you will find in the course

· Unforgettable, thought-provoking facts and case studies from all over the world

· Modules supported by clear examples and recognizable scenarios

· Summaries to strengthen key points

· Checklists and other materials you can apply in the workplace to manage fire safety issues

· Practical exercises based on the operations of a real business


Benefits to companies

· Reduce the risk of fire in the workplace.

· Development of fire safety culture.

· Support executive initiative to improve fire safety standards.

· Acquisition of an internationally recognized and respected document for managers and chefs

· Development of corporate reputation.


Benefits to participants

· Integrate fire safety into executive roles.

· Awareness of responsibilities for fire protection.

· Ability to evaluate fire risks.

· Adopt the principles of fire safety performance measurement.



1: Responsibilities of Employers

2: Fire Safety Measures

3: Assessment of Fire Risks

4: Development of Fire Safety Culture.


Modes of study

Course is delivered as classroom, e-learning (LMS) and virtual classroom modes of study.

Click for virtual classroom mode of study.


Number of participants limitations

It is recommended that the number of participants be limited to 15 people per session for classroom and 12 people per person for virtual classroom modes of study in terms of the efficiency of the training. The maximum number of participants allowed by IOSH is 20.


Performance criteria

– 100% participation

– 70% success at the assessment 

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