Safety Leadership For Supervisors


2 days * 7 hours


Target participant profile

Team leaders, supervisors and foremen in the workplace



To be able to define the benefits of health and safety management for middle and lower level managers who manage the team from their own perspectives, to gain effective communication skills with the team, to plan health and safety before work, to define the role and criminal and legal responsibilities related to health and safety, to assume the leading role in the development of positive security culture. to define the occurrence of accidents and incidents and the elements that can be controlled by itself in this process.



Day 1

Module 0 – Course introduction (0.5 h)

Module 1 – OHS management motivators (2 h)

Module 2 – OHS culture and human factor in OHS (0.5 h)

Module 3 – Assessing risks (4 h)

Day 2

Module 4 – Criminal & legal responsibilities of supervisors (2 h)

Module 5 – Lessons learnt from accidents / incidents (2 h)

Module 6 – Communication & toolbox performances (3 h)


Videoconferencing method

This course can be delivered as videoconferencing. Click for details.


Performance criteria

· 100% participation requirement

· Active participation in classroom practices

· Project study

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