Second Party OHS Audits

About second party OHS Audits

Ege Consulting carries out an OHS system assessment that will cover the Client’s whole work environment. Evaluation is based on a criterion by which the guidelines set out in the references section are harmonized. The audit team focuses on the following main topics and determines the areas open for improvement in line with the specified criteria.

Audit scope

Leadership and employee engagement

  Management leadership and commitment
  Corporate OHS roles and responsibilities
  Employee participation in the system

·OHS planning

Hazard identification and risk assessment process
OHS objectives and planning for the objectives 

Support processes

  Resource management for OHS processes
  OHS training and competency management
  OHS communication 

Site OHS practices

  Controlling site hazards
  Management of change
  Emergency preparedness and mitigation measures 

Performance monitoring and measurement

  Monitoring, measurement, testing and performance evaluation processes
  Evaluation of compliance with legal and other requirements
  Management review 

Continual improvement

  Accident – incident notification, reporting and follow-up processes
  Observation notification, reporting and follow-up processes
  Action tracking processes 

Ways of collecting information

The audit team uses the following 3 ways to collect information;

Interviews with people: Interviews are held with people sampled from managers and employees from management, operations, support processes, field and other relevant units.

Document reviews: It may be necessary to examine all documents included in the OHS system documentation.

Site observations: Ongoing field activities are directly observed.

Template audit program

The audit team, consisting of at least 2 people, collects information for the purpose of gathering information at the workplace for the agreed period of time according to the size of the workplace. Work in the workplace begins with an audit opening meeting and ends with a closing meeting at the end of the last day to articulate the main findings.

The audit report is shared via e-mail within 10 working days after the system evaluation is completed.


Unless revised according to the request of the Client, the system evaluation is carried out by considering the following references;

ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Guide
Legal OHS Legislation
HSG 65 – Managing for Health and Safety (Health and Safety Executive)
Client OHS policies, procedures, plans and guides
international good practices

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