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Safety Reporting Software

Hazardous conditions and near misses detected in workplaces are often not reported and recorded. One of the main reasons for this is the complexity of reporting processes.

Ege Techno, a brand of Ege Consulting, now makes hazardous conditions and near miss reporting processes very simple technoreport OHS software. Technoreport encourages not only by OHS professionals but also by other employees and managers to participate hazardous conditions reporting processes.

Aim of the mobile app

The new generation OHS software, technoreport, provides a proactive approach by allowing easy reporting of hazardous conditions and near misses observed in workplaces by each employee group, recording the observations and compiling statistical information that will provide proactive data in different metrics, and systematically defining and following actions for observations. It has been developed with the main aim of preventing possible occupational accidents in the workplaces.

Simple and on time reporting

Supervisors, engineers, managers and OHS professionals (called users) working in the workplace can easily report the hazardous conditions and near misses they observe on site from their own accounts in the technoreport mobile application they have installed on their phones.

The reporting made by the user is forwarded to the mobile application workplace admin (superuser), along with the hazard code of the observation, its location, the relevant team details, the date, time, observation description, maximum 4 photos and suggestions.

Formal and technical filtering of the reported observation and assignment of actions

Superuser examines the observation from the site in terms of typographical and technical errors and can make corrections. After making the necessary corrections, the superuser assigns actions for observation (maximum 8). Superuser also determines the target completion date and the responsible person for each action. After the actions are defined, the superuser finalizes the report and processes it into the system. When the report is processed into the system, the user assigned as responsible receives a notification. When the user is connected to his own account, he / she can view the reports in the “Reports assigned to me” section, which includes the actions he / she should take.

When the report is processed into the system, the application generates a PDF file. This PDF report can be shared in the e-mail environment externally. The PDF can also be viewed in the action responsible account.

Action tracking

The Superuser can mark the action as “closed” in the system when he / she obtains evidence that the relevant action was taken ion site as it should be. On the screen, there is a green tick next to the reports whose all actions are closed.

When Superuser exports the action list from the system to Excel, he / she can also display which actions are disabled.

Logging of all reports and compiling statistical data

Superuser can export all reports, whose actions are defined and processed to the system, to Excel. This Excel file contains all report-related variables. When exporting to Excel, the actions are also listed as a different sheet in the Excel file.

Adding & removing users

Superuser can add or remove new users from its own application interface. Any number of superuser accounts can be opened for each workplace.

Devices and basic technical requirements

All users can use the application by downloading it from mobile application stores (App Store and Google Play).

Superuser can perform all its functions in the mobile application, as well as on PC with compatible appearance.

Uninterrupted internet, at least version 10.1 for IOS mobile operating systems and at least version 9 for ANDROID mobile operating systems are required for application usage.

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