Construction Safety

Construction sites are one of the business areas where the highest risk activities are carried out in the field of occupational health and safety. Each different construction structure has its own construction safety hazards and risks. It includes many hazards such as working with heavy machinery, working at height, crane lifting, scaffolding soot dismantling, electricity, hot work, powered hand tools, working with chemicals, field traffic.

The risks of construction sites may arise from the above-mentioned hazards as well as from the dynamic structure of the site. Field activities and field structure change every day, and employees find it difficult to adapt to these daily changes. In this context, occupational health and safety in the construction industry is a very difficult process to manage.

As a result, accidents due to construction safety risks can unfortunately result in serious injuries, deaths and significant property, equipment, facility and vehicle damage.

Identifying, assessing and developing countermeasures of specified hazards requires intense collaboration of activity managers, project managers and OHS professionals.

Ege Consulting provides guidance to organizations in the management of occupational health and safety and construction occupational safety risks in the construction sector with its consultants who have experience in different branches of the construction sector. This guidance not only develops technical recommendations for more safety management of operations, but also includes programs on work organization and management commitment. 


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