Disaster and Emergency Management Training


1 day * 7 hours


Target participant profile

Occupational safety experts, managers, teams working under disaster and emergency plan.



Successful and effective implementation of disaster management phases in line with the Disaster and Emergency Plan,

Considering all possible disasters of the organization to be made,

To determine the events that will create an emergency in the order of priority and to ensure that the behavior methods and methods are perceived in these emergencies.



Basic Concepts and Speaking the Common Language,

Disaster Preparedness Studies,

Disaster and Emergency Planning,

Emergency Services / Service Teams,

Standard Operation Procedures,

Legislation (National and International), Trainings and Exercises,

Media Management in Disasters,

Psychological Support in Disasters,

Communication, Evaluation and Closing in Disasters and Emergencies.


Videoconferencing method

This course can be delivered as videoconferencing. Click for details.


Performance criteria

100% participation requirement

Active participation in classroom applications

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