NEBOSH IGC Blended Course

Advantages of blended courses

The most recognized health and safety qualification certificate in its field in the world has been updated by NEBOSH with the help of thousands of leading experts and institutions. In other words, this program, designed to reflect the needs of today’s employers, enables participants to learn and apply what they need to make their workplace safer.

The blended method is prepared for people who do not have time to spend 10 days for face-to-face education, and it is the method for 5 days face-to-face or videoconference and the rest is given by online mode.


Details of blended mode of study

The blended method is a method in which at least two of the face-to-face, virtual classroom and online methods are used together. The participant completes the IG2 training with the online method at the specified time. Afterwards, IG1 training and IG2 mock exam process are completed with face-to-face or virtual classroom method lasting for 5 days. In this way, the participant is prepared for the assessment.

There are five years to complete the process. The five-year period begins on the date of success from the first unit (we call this the “declaration date”). It is necessary to be successful from the other unit within five years after the declaration date. Otherwise, the program ends and it will be required to retake the assessment from the successful unit.

Detailed learner guides for all modes of study are included in the Learner Handbook and the Learner Agreement.


Tutor support

In the blended method, as with e-learning (online) method, access to the Ege Consulting online training platform continues for 18 months from the date of registration.

Tutor support for each learner through Whatsapp, e-mail and communication field at LMS continues until the program is completed.

Learners have the right to have a zoom conversation with tutors for half an hour a week for 6 months starting from the registration date.


Course fee

990 USD / Person

* For e-learning + virtual classroom

* VAT and one-time exam fee are included


Detailed information on NEBOSH website

For more details, please check the NEBOSH website IGC section.

You can download and have a look at the terms and conditions document prepared by NEBOSH, where the mutual responsibilities of the learner and learning partner are specified.



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