About Us


Ege Consulting was founded in March 2018, in Istanbul / Turkey.

We aim to be a trusted brand that develops and delivers innovative and quality consulting, training, auditing and engineering services in occupational safety & health, risk management and business continuity.

We believe the power of quality in occupational safety and health business which is demonstrated through commitment to compliance with international guides, national legal requirements and investment on continuous improvement in our business functions. Starting with this belief, We have adopted the motto “where safety meets quality”.

Global presence

A global presence is essential to the growth of our business and enables us to deliver truly integrated solutions and consistent health and safety assurance projects for our customers. Global growth is a key strategic objective for our business.

As a part of the global presence affords, Ege Consulting operates in many countries so far such as Algiers, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Turkmenistan with multinational clients.


Ege Consulting is licensed by IOSH, as training provider for Managing Safely and Fire Safety for Managers Courses and accredited course provider of NEBOSH for International General Certificate and Incident Investigation Courses; and is always interested in any national and international cooperations and partnerships as long as they create opportunities to improve its level of services and to transfer them to its Clients.

Ege Consulting has all relevant registrations and authorizations from Turkish authorities to conduct occupational safety and health consulting and training services including international training programs.

Ege Consulting has a team of occupational safety and health consultants that have worked in a wide cross section of business, industry & commerce; having experience and proven expertise of health & safety. Each consultant has specialist areas of expertise based on their experience.